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Technovision supplies synchronizers, is the Canadian Medeawiz distributor, dealer for Pioneer DVD-V5000, Pioneer DVD5000, Pioneer DVD-V8000, DVDV8000, DVDV7400, DVD-V7400 Industrial DVD players. Technovision also manufactures DVD synchronizers, JAMA products, Medeawiz products, Pioneer laserdisk, laserdisc, DV-75 (DV75) solidstate media player, kiosk controllers, TM21, TecMP3, DM21B, DM21C and industrial MP3 players. The Company also manufactures the 421VS video switcher, ac1, audio, bodab, cds24, key34, kpc-1, PC-2, KPC2, TV66K and TV75K. Technovision is located in Pickering, Ontario. Technovision also supplies solid-state industrial TecMP3 MP3 players with RS232, interactive kiosks, controllers, systems, video, disk, disc, HD01, HD-01, HD02, THD002, TS423, THD223 HD solid state player, 528 Mountain Ash Drive, Pickering 526 Mountain Ash Drive, Pickering extension High Aquifer Zone.
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