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   The Technovision® TM21 was primarily designed for kiosk applications, allowing for playback of MP3 (MPEG1-LAYER 3) audio through various pushbuttons, motion sensors or any device capable of a dry contact closure. Now, with the addition of the TM21SB board, you can now get RESTART, PREV, NEXT, VOL- and VOL+ functions using a MEM5 membrane keypad.

Physical Specifications
Power Requirements:
  10 to 15 VDC regulated
  125ma (idle) - 200ma (average)
  Adapter (supplied): input 120VAC, 60 Hz
Net Weight:
  less than 1 lbs.
Operating Temperature:
  32 to +132 deg. F (0 to +50 deg. C)
Operating Humidity:
  0 to 90 % non-condensing
Physical Dimensions:
Excluding connectors and mounting wings:
  80mm x 73mm x 30mm (WxDxH)
  3.1" x 2.8" x 1.3" (WxDxH)
Including connectors and mounting wings:
  95mm x 92mm x 30mm (WxDxH)
  3.7" x 3.2" x 1.3" (WxDxH)
Mounting Wings Dimensions:
  Screw hole size on wing: 3.8mm (1/8")
  Screw mounting distance: 87.5mm (3-7/16")

TM21 Operating Guide
Wiring diagram to a motion sensor
........more manuals
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Standard Features
  • ALL DIGITAL - no moving parts.
  • Plays ISO 11172-3 compliant MP3 files.
  • Metal case with mounting wings.
  • 120VAC-12Vdc P/S supplied
  • Stereo speaker output (6W/CH @ 4 Ohm).
  • Bridged mono output (8W @ 8 Ohm).
  • SD/SDHC card based (2GB SD, 32GB SDHC max). Cards available from Technovision.
  • Volume control knob for speaker and LINE output.
  • Single, sequential, random or timed playback.
  • LINE output on a 1/8" (3.5 mm) jack.
  • Terminal connector for button input.
  • All terminals support 30..16 AWG
  • BUSY output to activate low current relay.
TM21 Image
SD/SDHC card slot on the side

Some hardware options:
SP2.2 Bookshelf speakers.
* TM21SB membrane keypad add-on-board available.