V74BC Title V74BC button controller
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Standard Features

  • Simple installation
  • Includes 6 foot cable to DVD-V5000/DVD-V7400/DVD-V8000
  • Terminals for buttons or motion sensors
  • DIP switches to customize unit
  • Fully JAMA compatible with DVD-V5000, DVD-V7400 and DVD-V8000
  • Inexpensive
  • Packaged shipping weight less than 1 lb
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   The Technovision® V74BC DVD controller provides the means to integrate reliable, heavy duty pushbuttons, motion sensors, or any contact closure into Pioneer DVD-V5000/DVD-V7400/DVD-V8000 applications. After attaching the V74BC to the Interface Connector on the Pioneer Industrial Players, external dry contact closure devices can then be connected to the terminals on the V74BC. By grounding the appropriate terminal on the V74BC, dry contact closures can be used to simulate ANY remote (IR) entry into an Industrial DVD application.

   Uses range from simple numeric entries to full navigation of the DVD program. This device is a must for any serious installations of button driven DVD-V5000/DVD-V7400/DVD-V8000 applications.

V74BC User Manual
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Pioneer DVD-V7400 V7400 Back
The V74BC connects directly to the RS232 port (Interface Connector) on the Pioneer Industrial DVD players.