Pioneer DVD-V8000
**Discontinued by Pioneer**

Pioneer DVD-V8000 front
  • Closeup of DVD-V8000 front
  • Closeup of DVD-V8000 back

  •    The best industrial DVD Player you can choose for your business is one that is robust (MTBF of 50,000 hours). You need a player that has comprehensive connectivity; able to play high quality video for extended periods uncompromised by dusty, dark conditions.

    Pioneer DVD-V8000 inside
    Pioneer's newest industrial DVD Player, the DVD-V8000, has everything you need for high quality video playback in a demanding environment.
    DVD-V8000 RACKS
    The DVD-V8000s tough black casing is suitable for a 19 rack fitting; the main operating buttons are large and designed to support simple, intuitive operation while an LCD enhances frame-accurate search capabilities.
    DVD-V8000 LCD display
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    Related Products Standard DVD-V8000 Features
    • MONITOR OUT (Seperate video with on-screen display)
    • Video/Audio pass through
    • DVI-D (HDCP Ver 1.) Output
    • 1080i,720p,480p or 480i output (DVI-D)
    • USB for mouse or keyboard DVD-V8000 USB input
    • Component Out on BNC connectors
    • S-Video Out
    • Composite Video Out
    • RS-232C
    • Digital/analog audio interfaces
    Some Hardware Options:
  • Inexpensive button controller available
  • Inexpensive synchronizer available (KPC2)
  • 19" rackmount available for U$40

    DVD-V8000 rack