VCDC Image
Infrared Controller

Standard V72BC Features

  • Built-in infrared transmitter
  • 8 button port (16 available)
  • 8 TTL (5VDC) output available
  • Simple installation
  • 2x10 header connectors for buttons, keypad or motion sensor
  • Inexpensive (under U$75 for board)
  • Microprocessor controlled for future expansion

LL-IR firmware manual (PDF)
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   The Technovision VCDC is an inexpensive controller built to transmit standard infrared signals. Individual or sequences of infrared signals can be pre-programmed into the unit by Technovision, then transmitted to audio/video devices such as consumer DVD or CD players. These signals can be initiated by dry contact closures from devices such as motion sensor or pushbuttons.

Physical Specifications

Power Requirements:
  AC 120V, 60 Hz
  (9V DC, 500mA power adapter included)
Power Consumption:
  1 W max.
Net Weight:
  30 g.
Dimensions (HxWxD)
   17 x 43 x 86mm
Operating Temperature:
  32 to +132 deg. F (0 to +50 deg. C)
Operating Humidity
  0 to 90 % non-condensing