Technovision TecMP3
**CF version**

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   The Technovision® TecMP3 is an industrial audio playback device, capable of either continuous audio or interactive playback through user-selectable tracks. The TecMP3 was primarily designed for kiosk applications, allowing for direct access to individual tracks of audio through various pushbuttons. The TecMP3 can also be triggered by motion sensors, computers, or RS232 multimedia controllers like the KPC2 or AC1 .

Physical Specifications
Power Requirements:
  120VAC/60 Hz to 12V DC adapter included.
  Current @ 12Vdc 150ma (idle).
  Current @ 12Vdc 500ma (with 8 ohm speakers).
  Optional 24V DC power adapter available.
Net Weight:
  1.5 lbs.
Operating Temperature/Humidity:
  -30C to 85C / non-condensing.
  FLASH cards may have different ratings.
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  1.8" x 6.1" x 4.9"

TecMP3 (and -R) Operating Guide
Description of connectors
Wiring diagram to a motion sensor
........more manuals
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Standard Features
  • ALL DIGITAL - no moving parts.
  • Plays ISO 11172-3 compliant MP3 files.
  • Stereo speaker output (up to 10W/channel into 4 Ohm) on terminal blocks.
  • Compact Flash based (2 GB max) with a capacity of over 30 hours of audio (.mp3).
  • External volume control knob for speaker and LINE outputs.
  • External balance knob.
  • LINE output on a 1/8" (3.5 mm) jack.
  • BUSY output for controlling relay(s).
  • Terminal connector for access to 8 tracks (direct) or 128 tracks in binary mode.
  • RoHs compliant
  • Access to 512 tracks in sequential mode.
  • Built-in RS232/RS485 port.
  • Remote RESET switch.
  • Visible power LED.
  • Outputs for up to 8 relays (-R option).
Hardware Options:
TecMP3-MB Mounting brackets ($3 pair)
-RO OPTION Additional 8-relay option
PC2-B4 Four Button harness
SP2.2 Bookshelf speakers
CF-1G 1GB Compact Flash cards
CF-2G 2GB Compact Flash cards