LD48 DC Lamp Controller

LD48 Image

   The LD48 lamp controller from Technovision provides the capability of controlling up to 48 individual DC lamps or LEDs. This can be achieved as a "stand-alone" controller or by having the LD48 controlled by another device such as a computer or KPC-2 controller. There are two RS-232 ports on the LD48 as well as a two wire TTL (5 volt) serial interface (DATA and CLK) on the external control connector. By combining 5 lamp driver boards, a total of 240 individual DC lamps or LED's can be controlled through one KPC-2 controller.

Physical Specifications Power Requirements:
  AC 120V, 60 Hz
  (9V DC, 500mA power adapter included)

Net Weight:
  2 lbs. (.91 kg.)

Dimensions (HxWxD)
  1.25" x 4.75" x 7.5"
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Standard LD48 Features

  • DB9 male communications port that includes two (3 wire) RS232 ports and 3 TTL control lines - RESET, DATA and CLOCK.
  • DB25 female external control port that includes a (8x8) 64 button port (so that the LD48 can be controlled using push buttons) and TTL control signals.
  • Removable terminal contact for all wires.
    LD48 Connector
  • Power connector.
  • Each lamp output is rated at 48 volts MAX @ 1/2 AMP each.
  • Facilitates the switching of two DC voltage levels (24 outputs per voltage).
  • Clamping diode protection.
Operating Guide (140K PDF)
LD48EXT firmware manual
LD48TTL firmware manual
LD48B firmware manual
........more manuals

The LD48 board is rated at .5 (1/2) amps per output to a maximum voltage of 48 volts (DC). VOLTAGE + has to be connected to the board (at TS3) to provide clamping diode protection and NOT to provide power for the lamps.